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Characteristic disputes in construction law

Dispute between a landlord and a contractor on any problem related to the construction

Construction defects or construction defect related to the design, construction of the structure and the ground resulting in the partial or total loss of the structure

Dispute between a contractor, a subcontractor, a professional in the sector and/or a supplier

Execution delays
Unpaid materials or work
Building damage
Conditions of performance not in accordance with the contract or the regulations

Dispute relating to the execution or cancellation of construction contracts

Negotiation, review and drafting of construction contracts
Termination of the contract
Termination of the contract

Appeals for construction defects and non-conformities

Hidden defects
Defect detection
Advice and representation

Construction contracts and construction legal hypothecs

Drafting and transmission of notices of denunciation in accordance with the law
Registration of legal mortgages
Dispute and requests for cancellation of legal hypothecs not in accordance with the law
Negotiation of amicable agreements
Representation before the courts

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