Our unique story

Beginnings in Istanbul

Me Ponce began his career practicing commercial law and immigration law in Turkey and Hong Kong.
He starts a first firm in Istanbul in a market where a large volume of workers, entrepreneurs and investors who undertake the process of economic immigration.

A return to Quebec

It represents immigrant-investors who wish to contribute to the country's economy by settling in Quebec, a program managed in conjunction with financial institutions in Canada.
The commercial aspect of this component contributes to enriching his practice in commercial litigation and economic immigration where he applies several principles of administrative law such as the concepts of rights related to public administration, in all its forms of representation.
Me Ponce's activities are diversifying to now cover litigation and conflict resolution within labor law and administrative law.

The creation of the firm

Me Ponce then evolved in a law firm in Laval. He mainly focuses on real estate for SMEs and in the commercial and construction sector.
By carrying out economic activities centered in Laval for several years, he made himself known to the Chamber of Commerce of Laval, in the chambers of notaries, as well as by his university colleagues who relegated to him more and more files related to his fields of expertise. expertise.
The team of his new firm, created in August 2017, is now made up of four lawyers, a business development director, two legal assistants and an operations director with whom he works closely.

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