Education Encouragement Foundation’s fundraising event

3 December 2019

It is with great pleasure that Ponce Avocats took part in the Education Encouragement Foundation’s fundraiser on December 2, 2019, at Le Mirage Golf club, in the presence of its honorary president, prime minister François Legault.

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Cosmodome Foundation’s fundraising event

18 November 2019

Ponce Avocats is proud to have been the main sponsor of the Cosmodome Foundation’s fundraising event. We believe it is important to help young people in difficult situations and to promote academic success. Thank you to the business people of Laval and Quebec for their involvement!

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Appointment of Jonathan Dupuis to the Adm.A

8 November 2019

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Dupuis to the Order of Chartered Administrators. Adm. A is the professional order dedicated to management and governance. Members of the Order are called Chartered Administrators (Adm. A.). Multidisciplinary, they work in all sectors of Quebec’s economic activity. Admins plan, direct and advise, which gives them…

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Record amount since 2012

16 September 2019

In its mission to support young people and future entrepreneurs, Ponce Avocats is proud to have contributed to raising $65 365 during the Montmorency College Fundation’s golf tournament for the benefit of the Nomads. A record amount since 2012! Thank you all for your support.

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Appointment of Me Jean-Philippe Ponce to the Board of Directors of Montmorency College Fundation

16 September 2019

We are proud to announce the appointment of Me Jean-Philippe Ponce to the Board of Directors of the Montmorency College Fundation. Mr. Ponce joins the cause of education to train the next generation. The Montmorency College Fundation takes concrete actions in this direction, in particular by awarding scholarships to encourage academic perseverance, and helps to…

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7 August 2019

The Civil Code of Québec (“C.C.Q.”) defines the contract as being ” an agreement of wills by which one or several persons obligate themselves to one or several other persons to perform a prestation “[1]. A contract is formed by the mere exchange of consents between persons capable of entering into a contract[2] (“the parties“),…

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The non-competition clause: not just for the employment contract

1 May 2019

The non-competition clause: not just for the employment contract A non-competition clause is a versatile and indispensable tool, which is found more particularly in two situations: (i) in employment contracts and (ii) in commercial transactions. However, although such clause bares the same name in both cases, the rules governing its drafting will be different depending…

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Our team is growing!

21 March 2019

We want to congratulate Me Valentin Tanasescu for being called to the bar on March 13th at the Palais de Justice de Montréal. He will contribute to expanding and solidifying our team at Ponce Avocats! Mr. Tanasescu decided to continue with the firm after completing articling under the supervision of Me Jean-Philippe Ponce. We wish…

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Self-employed, why incorporate?

25 February 2019

You are self-employed, and are thinking about incorporating your activities? Then this article is for you. We will outline the major benefits and some of the responsibilities that come with incorporation. The Benefits  Limited liability As a self-employed worker, your assets are the ones that guarantee the execution of your professional engagements. By incorporating your…

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My duties have changed: demotion or constructive dismissal?

8 February 2019

When labour relations between an employer and his employee become strained or even impossible, the solution that a number of employers are considering, is to find a way of getting rid of said employee by forcing a dismissal. However, an employee who has accumulated more than two years of continuous service with that employer, may…

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