HUMASK PRO VISION: A solution for the hearing impaired at hearings or settlement conferences

In this time of pandemic, Me Valérie Lessard of our firm used HUMASK PRO VISION surgical masks, the only mask in the world that “lets the smile show” thanks to a transparent film that conforms to North American standards.

Humask has been a great help and we are pleased to share our experience and praise the company with our readers.

It was in April 2021, in the context of a face-to-face settlement conference and at the express request of a judge, that all the participants had to avail themselves of a surgical mask with a window.

In fact, in a letter addressed to the judge by Me Lessard, she suggested that all participants wear window masks rather than opaque masks, allowing our client, who is hard of hearing, to follow the progress of the settlement conference by reading lips and thus interacting in a timely manner. Which was the case.

This mask proved to be very appreciated by all because it is equipped with a transparent, anti-fog and thin film that allows lip reading and freedom of movement while not diminishing the sound of the voice. The other properties of this mask are, among others, its high level of protection:

  • Unique patent-pending technology wide window surgical mask.
  • Hypoallergenic, latex free and fiberglass free.
  • A 100% hydrophobic barrier that prevents the transfer of body fluid and resists acids.
  • 98% bacterial filtration effectiveness.
  • Etc.

Our experience has been most satisfying. Moreover, HUMASK is a product made right here in Louiseville. You can find their products at:

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