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Archive for January 2019

Shareholders’ agreement: Are you vulnerable to unforeseen events?

Generally, a shareholders’ agreement is based on three pillars: clauses relating to the purchase and sale of shares, clauses aimed at regulating behaviour between shareholders and finally clauses pertaining to the company’s administration. Purchase and sale of shares – When a shareholder withdraws himself from a company, whether voluntarily, or not, regardless of the reason,…

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Cannabis at work: what to do and how to organize

With the legalization of recreational cannabis this past October, several questions remain regarding the challenges this legalization brings to the workplace. Indeed, concerns remain on how to reconcile one’s rights and freedoms, with the employer’s obligation to ensure everyone’s health and safety in the workplace. While federal law provides little to no framework for the…

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Federal or provincial incorporation

Once you have decided to incorporate your future business, you will have to choose between incorporating it under the federal CBCA (Canada Business Corporations Act) or the provincial BCA (Business Corporations Act). Before the adoption of the BCA in 2011, this choice was of greater importance, because the former applicable provincial law (1A of the…

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